commitment (kə-'mit-mənt) noun,
an agreement or pledge to do something
Synonyms: Constancy, dedication,
devotedness, faithfulness, loyalty, steadfastness

KC Constructors is committed to excellence.
We are dedicated to providing excellent
finished projects, on time and within budget.


Why choose us?

First, let us cover the easy stuff. We are licensed and insured.

We hold an insurance policy that covers us well beyond the scope of work we take on. We require all subcontractors to be insured and have a certificate on file with us at all times. We are licensed. KC Constructors has two Class A General Contractors and one Class DE Electrician on staff. We hold licenses in most KC metropolitan area municipalities and/or counties. If we aren't licensed for your particular area, we can get licensed there, we just haven't needed to yet.

Now for the more difficult stuff, but just as important, if not more. We are, and strive to continue to be, a contractor that our customers are proud to refer. What does that mean for you? It means we are dedicated  to providing you with a quality, finished project. It means we meet deadlines and stay within budget. It also means, we handle the little stuff, not just the big stuff. It means, we have a long list of completed projects and customers who would happily provide references, because we did our job to meet or exceed their expectations. Most importantly, it means that we want YOU to be our next happy customer, who will openly refer us. Our reputation means everything and we strive to put forth our best in everything we do.