Post Construction

What now?

The project is over and the contractor disappears, right? No.

Post occupancy you can count on us as a ready resource. We kept detailed track of your project throughout the construction process, maybe you need a report for your accountant? Questions on the best way for your cleaning crew to maintain your flooring? How about when healthcare compliance laws change and you need to add something new? Call on us. In fact, call on us even if you aren't sure it falls in our wheelhouse, we'll point you in the right direction.

Although, please don't ask us where you should take lunch, we stress out about that enough ourselves!

  • Your project is warrantied for 365 days from the date of occupancy. KC Constructors and our subcontractors stand behind our work and will be out to address any issue should one arise. We also provide any manufacturer warranty to our customers, as applicable by law and in most cases are able to address those issues with the manufacturer for you long past our one year warranty.

  • We handed over the keys, provided you with all your manuals and even did a personal walk-thru on how to schedule your heating and cooling system (!), but here you are entering winter for the first time and need to know what to do? NO PROBLEM! Seriously, please let us know! We want to be your resource. We take our job seriously (and also understand you have a business to run!) We've answered probably close to 100 follow up questions we never anticipated, but are happy to have been able to address. 

  • Our primary job is not painting a single wall or changing light bulbs, but guess what... we do it anyway. Our customers receive our dedicated time and attention to small details larger contractors wouldn't handle. We are your contractor for life. Should you choose! But we hope you do.




“We've noticed the front office gets warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Can we change that somehow?” 


Just like in school, there are no dumb questions. Seriously. If its integral to your business and you need an answer, we want to help. These questions are just an illustration of what you can come to us for after your project is over.

KC Constructors is a general contractor located in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Founded in 2007, we have performed hundreds of projects ranging from minor tenant improvement to $2M new construction.

We provide new construction and tenant improvement to commercial customers in the Greater Kansas City Area.


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