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Building Maintenance

What We Do

While fixing damaged drywall or changing a light fixture may not be our primary job, we are more than happy to provide building maintenance to our customers. We perform work on an as needed basis for our customers and have completed everything from emergency building stabilization after a vehicle run-in to cosmetic painting of a single wall. We take on our primary projects with the goal of forming a lasting relationship. If we can be your trusted source for your construction needs from day 1 to day 10,000 we've achieved that goal. For more information our our building maintenance services please see our After Completion page.


Having performed work within the healthcare industry for years we are familiar with the differing healthcare compliance inspections that occur. With laws changing regularly, its crucial maintain compliance and do so quickly and efficiently. We provide service to our customers to help them meet the outcomes of their healthcare compliance inspections. These items often range from testing entire circuit boxes to replacing damaged ceiling tile and nearly everything in between.

Design Changes

One day you have a sparkling new office and years down the road you aren't happy with X, Y or Z. Whether you recognize you need to modify the flow of your whole office or you just don't like the carpet anymore we are here to help. Depending on the scope of work we can jump right in or facilitate a meeting with a design professional or local material showroom prior to modifications. No matter what the scope our goal is the complete the work efficiently and as often as possible with no downtime to your business.

Common Spaces

Professional common spaces, from lobbies and corridors to restrooms and conference centers, present their own variety of challenges when it comes time to complete renovations. The differing daily schedules of tenants and seasonal needs often create a limited window of time that construction can be performed. We have completed many projects in common spaces and have completed them quickly and efficiently, without adversely affecting businesses that occupy the facility and providing quality workmanship.

ADA Modification

We provide ADA modifications for public areas, restrooms and building entrances. We are knowledgeable in the requirements involved to meet the ADA requirements. We understand the detail-oriented mentality involved in the process, ensuring compliance while completing the projects in a safe efficient manner.

How We Do It

Building maintenance, more than other types of work we perform, has its eccentricities. Below are some of the ways we have provided our customers with top-notch maintenance service.

Quick service via text

Excerpt taken from a customer's blog

"I took the photo and texted it to Tom.


Within 2 hours I got a response back that he was on it.


On Friday morning, the guys from KC Constructors arrived and quickly had the problem completely fixed. 


That's the reason I deal with these guys.  How many companies could you contact after hours on Thursday and have a repair crew there the next day?  Not many I bet.


If you need any type of construction, contact them.  You'll be glad you did!"

In the dead of night

Antioch Hills Medical Building

Completion of a $70K public corridor project took place over the course of 7 nights, with evenings beginning no earlier than 8pm.

Spur of the moment

Our customers' emergencies are our emergencies

We've been available at the spur of the moment for a wide range of emergencies our clients' businesses have experienced. From vehicles colliding with buildings to water damage from broken pipes (over the weekend!) we can take some of the burden off, knowing they have someone they've relied on in the past handling a very urgent situation.

Running list

Monthly service on a time and material basis

Our larger customers find it helpful to have our team provide routine service to their facilities. When doors don't shut right or a faucet is leaky, we can find a time that fits within schedules to take care of those little items that add up over time, then provided monthly invoicing for work completed,

Periodic check-in

Friendly reminder we're here when you need us

Because our primary focus is our new construction and tenant improvement projects, sometimes our clients don't reach out to us because they feel their "small" project is simply too small. We don't go knocking on doors or calling too often, but we do like to check in and make sure our customers spaces are working well for them. Sometimes its perfect timing and they'd JUST noticed a door isn't locking right or a toilet isn't flushing properly, and we are happy to help, other times we get the pleasure of seeing how our clients businesses are thriving and there is nothing we enjoy more.

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