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Update on Our Operations

With extra precautions and a slew of additional cleaning supplies we are back at it and beyond thankful. Although its not quite businesses as usual... we've established temperature taking zones, sanitation zones, and added additional signage to help create a safe place for our Team, subcontractors and customers. Even the way we provide water for a hot day has changed, so long orange communal water jug and hello individual bottles of water.

Signage on our project sites with fencing show self-guided questions to evaluate if you should even come in at all. The temperature station I mention has a medical grade non-contact thermometer and a record log of all workers and visitors, time in and out and temperature. This is to assist in the event anyone comes down with COVID we can trace who was on the project at the same time and notify them as soon as possible.

We've set guidelines for distancing and mask usage and have been following all guidelines, recommendations and mandates which, I'm sure you know, is a full time job keeping up on all that.

Just wanted to reassure all our customers we are here, we are working and we are doing our best to stay safe and healthy so we can continue to serve you the best we can.


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