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2019 - What a Year!

2019 has been an incredibly successful year for KC Constructors. Coming off of the completion of Discover Vision Centers' Raymore office in 2018, we began with great news from Sarah Baugh. She surprised me by passing the Class A General Contractors License examination. She has been a true asset to the company and now has the credentials to back it up. She was promoted to VP and Treasurer of the Corporation effective September 2019.

In January of 2018, we received a call from Aric Wallen, a representative from Dental Solutions. Just over a year later, Feb 2019 we were hired by Renew Dentures to complete their Overland Park Office. The team later indicated that it was a result of glowing remarks from everyone they talked to about our company. We get a high percentage of our work through referrals. Thanks to all who shared their positive experiences and served as references for our business. After a successful build-out in Overland Park, we were again hired in May 2019 to complete the Independence, MO Renew Denture project. We’re grateful for the team effort put forth by all of our suppliers and subcontractors who assisted in 2 successful builds for this out of town client. 

We also stretched our range a little bit this year to the North by working with Murphy Watson Burr to complete an eye care office remodel in Cameron, Missouri. It took a little extra planning, to make sure supplies were on site or brought along because the 90 minute trip (one way) would be too much to “run back to the office for supplies.” Scheduling of subcontractors likewise was a key element to this successful project. While we started with a plan, the plan was expanded and modified to the desire of this practices’ doctors. We are proud to have brought them a significant upgrade to the Cameron office and hope to work with them again when they are ready to complete the St. Joseph office renovation.

We once again have a significant project with Discover Vision Centers, this time in Blue Springs, MO. We have been converting and expanding a former Quik Trip into a new O3 Office. DVC has been in business in Blue Springs for many years and will be relocating from their former location a couple miles south of Main Street to the new location at the intersection of 7 Hwy and Vesper. We have had this ongoing business relationship for many years and serve DVC in every way we possibly can. We believe that by serving first class customers and supporting their efforts in every way we can, that we can help assure their success. Ultimately, our customer’s success is our reward.

We don’t take any of our customers for granted. Every single one is important to our overall success. We regularly serve Financial, Healthcare, Industrial and private businesses. We recently had some shirts printed with our slogan, “RELIABLE. RESPONSIBLE. REASONABLE. THAT IS OUR COMMITMENT.”

There's a joke coming...

Which is also on our company van. One evening after hours an individual called the office, leaving a voicemail indicating that she had seen our van and the slogan. She mentioned it in detail and assumed that since "Reliable. Responsible. Reasonable.” was our slogan, we hired people who met those standards. She then followed with a request.  She “was interested in a man who filled those requirements and was about 6 feet tall” if we had one we needed to send him her way.

We shared that call with our team at our Monday morning meeting and everyone got a laugh. It is good that people recognize what we try to do. We make it our responsibility to try to live up to that slogan in all of our work.

Finally, we understand that the men and women that do the work for KC Constructors are the backbone to our own success. We try to find and retain quality people who have the same goals and desires that we do. People who can embody the slogan and represent our company as the face of the business in the field every day. I hope that we have all lived up to the expectations of our customers. We thank you for a successful 2019 and look forward to 2020. 



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