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Doers & Thinkers & Artificial Intelligence

I guess I've always had this thought in my head about the difference between "doers" and "thinkers" but recently read a few things and listened to a few podcasts that have placed it in the front of my mind again. Top level, C-class and white collar people are (or at least have been) generally thought of as thinkers and the work is generally done by the remainder blue collar, doers. In this scenario there is a hierarchy that places one above the other. Bosses and those beneath who execute the tasks. While it is clear to me that "someone" must be accountable for the cerebral decision making that directs any successful venture, it is also clear to me that the most valuable tool in anyone's arsenal is the tool that not only performs but is also provided the room to shape, mold, adapt, adjust, reinvent and improve ITSELF such that the mission can be completed at or above the level of satisfaction that the customer expects. I heard a podcast the other day in which a CEO of a major company was suggesting that they have changed from a top down management style to more of a collaborative style. I agree that this is an excellent process when accompanied with one critical element. A focus on providing the results that the customer wants. This is how I go about my business every day. Give the customer what he paid for, expects and deserves. Lead the troops by example in all manners. Provide each person you supervise with the tools and freedom to excel. Good people will DO the right thing. At KC Constructors, we have a great team of doers who accomplish a lot of work every day. They are tasked with completing many skills that the general population just can't. Whether they're skilled tradesmen, project managers, or superintendents, they must shape, mold, adapt, adjust, reinvent and improve their delivery of a construction product under varying conditions with differing resources. Not only must they DO, they must make thinking decisions while doing and nobody can hold their hand or train them for every variable that they might cross at any given moment. This is where the human element is essential. Technology is improving, but artificial intelligence is still pretty far off from replacing the complex processing that our human brain is capable of.


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