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Appreciation for Performance

I spend a lot of time these days thinking about why people do things. It's definitely a new and different world with the electronic age processing information more rapidly. Certainly those who can adapt and manage the business while change occurs all around us will benefit. One thing I don't think has changed is our desire for acknowledgement. I think that ultimately we get rewarded by our performance. We get appreciated for doing what we're supposed to do plus a little more. "Going the extra mile". That is what lead me to post this blog and a recent post on our Linked-In account that you can read here.

While many people strive for domination of dollars, and strive for the most "likes" or social prominence. I find the most rewarding and valuable feedback we get is simple appreciation for performance. It may result in something more, but if you miss the appreciation, or don't acknowledge it, you may have missed the reason you choose to do the right thing over and over again. Do it for a simple pat on the back or the opportunity to get another job. Thanks for the referrals, thanks for the business, thanks for the opportunities. My promise is to do the best I can. I hope I will get the reward I deserve.



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