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Course: Construction Terminology 101

Like all industries, construction uses its own brand of terminology and phrases. In any construction project, its a good idea to get a general knowledge of the concepts being displayed or conveyed. Did you know the following terms and definitions as they relate to architectural drawings (plans)?


Floor Plan: A drawing featuring a horizontal section of the project space. Imagine looking down on the project from above, this is the floor plan. A floor plan is also sometimes referred to as a floor layout.

Section (or cross section): This describes a drawing that shows a cut through of the body of a building or object (like walls or casework), perpendicular to the horizon line.

Detail: A detail is generally a close up of a section. The detail helps to visualize how a building, room, or object is to be constructed or connected.

Elevation: A drawing that shows a front or side view of a building or room. It is a 2D representation of the building or room it shows.

Dimension: The distance between two points

Site Plan (or plot plan): Similar to a floor plan, in that it is a drawing featuring the project space from above, but this plan includes exterior space. This is important information when a project includes work outside a building like a parking lot or landscape. New construction will always have a site plan.

How did you do? Did you pass Construction Terminology 101? Good news, everyone graduates from my classes.

You graduate! You graduate! Everyone graduates from Terminology 101
You graduate! You graduate! Everyone graduates from Terminology 101


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