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Well really its been quite the demo month at KC Constructors! We are currently at 2 separate financial institutions, 1 on each side of the stateline. Central Bank of the Midwest's Town Center location and United Consumer's Credit Union 24 Hwy. Both facilities remain up and running while we complete their modifications.

Central Bank of the Midwest

United Consumers Credit Union

Both projects were budgeted to the initial startup and have proceeded forward on that basis, and have had adjustments to the project scope by their respective management. Change orders are handled on an individual basis, meaning our customers can let us know what changes they want from their original scope (whether 1 additional light or add an additional room to the overall project) and we will detail those out as well as possible in our provided pricing so they can approve/reject in whole or in part. This is normally done, via ConstructionOnline (our online project management software) or e-mailed change order with required signature for approval

This also allows our customers to see where they are receiving money BACK for any requested changes. An example of this occurred at our project with United Consumer's Credit Union when they changed their carpet choice from carpet tile to broadloom, while adding 2 bathrooms to the overall scope. They were able to know they received credit for the initial carpet cost, since their chosen option was less money and know overall the cost for the labor and material just for the addition of restroom flooring and labor.

It probably seems common sense. You expect to know what you are paying for! But small things like that value exchange example, could easily be overlooked in the larger scope and we pride ourselves on being as up-front and honest as possible.


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