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KCC Adds New Certified GC to Team

A NEW YEAR with improvement!

Congratulations to Sarah Baugh for initiating, preparing for and successfully passing her Class A General Contractor’s License examination!

Sarah is our Business Administrator here at KCC. She’s certified in our accounting software, maintains and upgrades our website and social media presence, handles all of the HR, Insurance compliance, 401K management and any number of other duties. Her seemingly never ending list of tasks also include meeting with customers, estimating smaller jobs and even providing some design assistance when requested by particular customers.

To say she has been a driven young lady is an understatement.  She has taken on challenge after challenge to improve her knowledge, capabilities and understanding of her position in the company. Always looking for the next way to improve.

She took it upon herself to study for and pass the highest level “Class A” General Contractors License Exam. Achieving a certified test score of 75% or higher on the 4 hour International Code Council (ICC) Kansas General Building Contractor (A) License Exam (KS-550). She's a little upset they don't provide any indication beyond pass/fail, as she'd like to know how well she did! 75% is required by the Contractor License Review Board in Johnson County, KS and is 5% higher than the required 70% on the ICC National Exam.

She surprised me, Tom, one day during the holiday season with a written note in a card indicating she had passed the test. A thoughtful and surprising expression of her courage and willingness to try to be the best in her field. I’m proud to share this tremendous achievement with all of our extended KC Constructors family. Now we will be even more qualified and prepared to take on new challenges with Sarah’s General Contractor credentials. 


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