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Leveraging online software to help streamline projects

We've been using UDA Technologies desktop software since KC Constructors began, and Tom utilized it in his prior position. We've seen it change and grow and have previously implemented their online software into our bidding process. We are excited for what the newest iteration of their online program, ConstructionOnline, in terms of function and ease of use.

Project Overview

Our subcontractors and clients will have their own designated "portals" where information relevant to them will be shown. In the above screen shot, the user has 1 new message and can easily see other pertinent information. They also have controls over their own notifications (I know our subcontractors will like seeing that readily available)


For subcontractors and vendors seeing their "GamePlan" of events, scheduled tasks, punch-list and to-do items, along with any RFIs or Submittals attributed to them makes staying ahead of the project easier.

Files are easily accessible.

AND BEST OF ALL! The same can be said for viewing the information from desktop, tablet or smartphone. Android and Apple apps for ConstructionOnline are available and show the same information in very similar format.

I'm considering a video tutorial I'm so excited about all the features. So many, and too many to list. Many of the exciting features are on the client side which will get its own post!


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