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More Changes: A Quick Update to Our Vendors

Following up on our growth post, we will be growing into a new accounting system (which is terrifying to type and solidify and now I want to cry about it, but alas its happening).

**I promise it will be fine on your end, I may loose a few marbles in the process so shoot a prayer or extra coffee my direction please**

With that change comes our request to our subcontractors, suppliers and vendors who DO NOT have the ability to send electronic invoices to please update our billing address to our office location effective immediately.





To those who have the ability to send electronic invoices, please update the address which those are sent, if you have not already done so. Invoices need to be emailed to

If you continue to send invoices to our old address or an email other than the one above, we cannot guarantee its receipt by the correct people and ultimately this can and likely will delay your payment. No one wants that.

The date which invoices must be received in order to be on the current months pay request has not changed and remains the 3rd business day from the final day of the month, usually falls between the 25-28th. This is of course unless your specific contract details otherwise.

A request for updated contact information went out early in December, but if you did not receive that request please send us an update with your business contacts. I've made it easy for you, get the FORM HERE and email it to the above address.

I would also like to remind you of our requirements to include the following on every pay request and/or invoice as they apply to your business:

- Full project address

- Original contract value - Any and all changes to contract value

- Itemization of work performed or materials delivered for the request

- Sales tax shown (or declared exempt)

We look forward to continuing business with each of you in 2020 and beyond. Thanks for your attention into our changes and reminders above.


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