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Party like its 1999... (+ 2 decades)

I'm having a hard time grasping that its been TWENTY YEARS since 1999 and next year at this time we will be celebrating 2 decades since the turn of the millennium.

I feel like my man Bill up there, clutching my chest and collapsing in shock. How is that possible?! Anyway onto the post.


KC Constructors 2018 business was the best year yet! We completed jobs in new, and more distant, metro locations than in the past (looking at you Warrensburg and Kearney!) and had an 18% increase in sales over 2017. We're currently wrapping up a new construction project in Raymore for Discover Vision Centers as well as Phase 2 of their Lee's Summit expansion project.

While our office changed locations in late 2017, we started the interior and exterior remodels this year with our facade update over this past summer and our (ongoing) interior remodel early spring 2018. We have quite a bit left to do, but find it a lot harder to work on our own space than our customers! Current and future customers! Please don't ask Tom to pick out your paint colors... or... actually ask him to paint something white for you and brace yourself for a long winded explanation on "what white is".... But really, we'd love to have you by to see the space and catch up! Just call or shoot us an email.

With another year down I thought it'd be fitting to reiterate some points we don't always get to hit when we are highlighting a project or handing over the keys. We say it among ourselves frequently, but maybe not enough to our customers, our customers come first. We truly want to provide them with the best service a General Contractor can provide. We take pride in knowing, while there are other choices for commercial General Contractors in Kansas City, they have chosen us. Whether they heard about us from word-of-mouth, a google search, or the infrequent mailings we put out we do not take a single customer for granted.

The map below is where we had the pleasure of working in 2018! Pretty awesome!

As 2019 begins we look forward to sharing our particular brand of contracting with new and old customers alike. Happy New Year!


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