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Q & A of the Day

Where do we work? Do you come to Gardner? Do you work in Peculiar? Will you look at my project in Shawnee / Parkville / Liberty / Grain Valley?

Might be more than one question, but in general one of the biggest questions we get is about where we work, or where WILL we work. The answer is simple, we will work where you are. Our general rule is anywhere within 30 miles of HQ in Lee's Summit, but we will absolutely take on work outside that radius for the right customer. We are currently working on a multi-phase project in Cameron, MO about 70 miles from KCC home base.

We maintain licenses in most of the cities around Kansas City, and in Kansas City proper (both MO & KS) and can obtain licenses in any city if we don't yet hold a license where you are. The little map below shows where we have worked so far in 2019 or where we are currently working.

Want to be a pinpoint on our map? Send us a message and let us know where we're needed (its kind of like our version of Batman's batsignal)


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