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The Nuts & Bolts

Long time no chat! We take responsibility. A lot has been happening at KC Constructors and we hope you've caught it on our social media! If not, no fear! Here are some highlights you may have missed.



Renew Anchored Dentures opened both their Overland Park and Independence locations on September 16th! KC Constructors began the Overland Park buildout with a projected completion of 15 weeks. We over performed our own schedule by 2 weeks, because of a great team both internally and via our subcontractors. Their second location in Independence was completed in 14 weeks and 1 day, from Permit Issuance to Certificate of Occupancy. We are excited for their growth into the Kansas City area! 


More Cheese If You Please!

If a "holiday" celebrating pizza doesn't call for a team lunch, not sure what does! KCC enjoyed some pizza as a team on September 5th, in honor of "National Cheese Pizza Day" Can't wait to see whats on the menu for our next team meeting!


Parking Problems? No Problem!

You may remember when we completed Aid Animal Hospitals location in early 2017, but what we may have not touched on was his prior location was right next door! They made the decision to demolish the previous building to expand their parking lot and if parking lots can be a thing of beauty... their new lot fits the bill! Minimal finishing touches until this job is wrapped up, but in the mean time their animal patients and their human companions have full use of the new lot. If you follow us on Instagram, you know Office Dog Dozer will be visiting Aid Animal Hospital for his customer follow-up (Errr... normal monthly visit) next week!


What are you waiting for?

Dozer Dog visiting his vet at Aid Animal Hospital


Rising to the Occasion

Discover Vision Centers newest location in Blue Springs is well under way, with even more progress than shown in this photo. We're excited to continue showcasing this exciting project over the remainder of the year! Adapt and repurpose! You won't believe this was once a Quiktrip when you see it finished.


We enjoyed having our intern Gage with us over the course of the summer! We had to wish him "Good Luck!" as he entered his first year at Missouri State. He plans to pursue a degree in Construction Management. Thanks for all your hard work Gage!


Just a sneak peak at our newest project... Dozer will happily handle quality control on this one!


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