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Growth, change and a New Year. Oh My!

If anything one word can sum up 2019 that word would be GROWTH Check out Tom's Note to learn more about our 2019

We grew as a team, both in skill set and numbers and we look forward to sharing more about our team with you in the coming months! We were able to procure larger projects, growing our project valuations and scope (as well as distance from KCC HQ!)

While the growth is exciting, we also recognize the increased importance we need to put on our commitment to our customers. There is no shortage of companies who's main focus was lost or even abandoned when they began growing. We still remain committed as ever to being reliable, responsible and reasonable. We want to remain our customer's choice for the "Who can fix..." its and the "I just need a door repaired can you..."s. We want the owners of our projects to be wowed and impressed by not just the end product but the professionalism in which our team did the job.

Please continue to hold us to this standard. We send out surveys at the end of our work and as Tom says, "You don't know your fly is down unless someone tells you". We LOVE 5-Stars, but don't be afraid to tell us if something didn't meet an expectation. We are fully aware that we aren't perfect, individually or as a team, but shoot we will sure try to be!



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